Control Center (Easy Setup)

You can connect and manage your endpoints, i.e. your machines and apps, via the control center of your agrirouter. Older machines without a telemetry connection can be made agrirouter-compatible by upgrading an external telemetry connection (hardware) from a licensed manufacturer.

In your Control Panel, you can see all the endpoints you have already connected and the groups you have created. Click on the name of an end point to see which end point it is. In addition to the endpoints and groups, you define the rules (routing) for data exchange in the Control Center.

The following types of endpoints are available in agrirouter:

  • Telemetry connections
  • Machines (only in combination with a telemetry connection)
  • Telemetry platforms (often manufacturer platforms)
  • Agricultural software
  • Related accounts

To get started, you must complete the following three steps:

  1. Create your agrirouter account and log in
  2. Establish a first telemetry connection
  3. Connect your machines and apps

All your added telemetry connections are automatically added to the default group for Telemetry Connections & Machines. Your connected agricultural software will be assigned to the default group for agricultural software and telemetry platforms. The routes for exchanging data between the end points of the standard groups are automatically created, so you can start immediately.