My agrirouter network

If two accounts are connected, data can be forwarded from one account to the other. To do this, the data flow must be activated in the agrirouter user interface for the connected endpoint. Data flowing to a connected account is always assigned the status “Published”. You can think of this as a circular that is delivered to all recipients who wish to receive the messages. Connected accounts cannot view the endpoints of the other account among themselves, unless an account holder has released certain machines for one or more connected accounts. For example, a contractor can only share the GPS position and work congestion of a forage harvester with a connected customer account. In the respective agricultural software on the connected account, which is to receive the litters, the corresponding message formats must be selected from the so-called “subscriptions”. We are talking here about non-direct message delivery. With the “Subscriptions”, the agricultural software determines which mailings it wants to receive and which not. In many agricultural software solutions, these settings are already set by default.

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