Connect agrirouter Accounts

You can connect your agrirouter to accounts of other farmers and contractors and exchange information and data. To do this, switch the data flow on or off by clicking the appropriate button. The data flow between two connected agrirouter accounts is determined by routes (see menu item “Routing”). Click on the “Connect accounts” tile to display all connections as well as open and received invitations. If you want to connect, you need the e-mail address of the other agrirouter account you want to connect to. To do this, enter a freely selectable display name. Then enter both in the corresponding fields. You will immediately see your request in the “Open invitations” section. If you do not want to connect, you can cancel your request.

This procedure also works in reverse. If someone wants to connect to you or your agrirouter account, you will receive an invitation by e-mail. As soon as you open this invitation by clicking on it, you will be taken directly to your agrirouter homepage. There you can view, accept or decline the invitation in the “Invitations received” section.