Endpoint recording

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The “Endpoint recording” tile is only visible to users who have been invited as testers by a software or hardware vendor. This feature allows test customers to record incoming and outgoing messages from each endpoint. The recordings can be started and stopped and then downloaded in json format (compressed as a zip file). The extracted files can then be emailed to the appropriate software or hardware vendors for test customers to use in their development, or similar means to support their development. Up to ten of these recordings can be created with a total maximum of ten megabytes of data.

The procedure in detail:
After clicking on “Start Recording” you can select the desired end point for the recording in the dialog box that opens and add a supplementary descriptive text. After clicking the “Confirm Button” the recording starts. During the recording you can activate the automatic update in the upper right corner to control the increase of the file size in megabyte (MB). After stopping the recording with the action button, each recording can be selected individually and then saved to your computer as a zip file by clicking on “Download recording”. This Zip file can then be forwarded by e-mail or similar means. At the same time the recordings can be deleted after selecting them with the trash can icon, e.g. to make room for new recordings.