Groups allow you to group your endpoints together in a meaningful way, e.g. by manufacturer, machine type or by process sections such as silage collection. All settings you make apply to all members of the group. You can adjust the group membership under the “Groups” tab in the Control Center. Two standard groups are implemented here, divided into Telemetry Connections & Machines and Agricultural Software & Telemetry Platforms. You can add new groups manually by clicking on the button “+ Groups”.

The tabs “Send to” and “Receive from” allow you to manage routes. In the Control Center you can view individual end points and their group membership in the context menu under the “End points” button. Under the “Groups” button you can see the endpoints that have been combined into groups. Here you can also manage the groups.

Groups have the advantage that fixed routes always apply to all group members, because the fixed routes are inherited by all group members and do not have to be created for each group member individually. All newly added telemetry connections or machines are automatically assigned to the standard machine group, new agricultural software is automatically assigned to the standard software group. These two standard groups are always present and therefore cannot be deleted by you. Between the two standard groups there are already routings for all message formats, so that your data can be exchanged directly between connected telemetry connections, machines and agricultural software solutions. If you want to edit a telemetry connection, machine or agricultural software individually, it must be removed from the standard group.